What is the composition of the car connector and what materials do it have?

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In the use of automobile connectors, there is a direct relationship with some structural components, and the composition of itself is also very important. In the use of automobiles, circuit problems are a relatively important part of the automobile system, and we The car connector that is often said now is a component that can play a key role in circuit problems.

one. About the composition of car connectors

1. The first part we can understand is the device connector. This part is a connector that can be directly connected to the device. Simply put, it is like a switch.

2. Female connector and male connector are a kind of connector for installing female contact and male contact respectively. In addition, there is a header to connect the machine. Only the male contact is installed in this part, and there are fixed pins in it. One end of this connector will be welded to the PCB board, which can be connected to the inside of the car connector.

3. The contact is a collective term for all the female and male contacts in the car connector. The male contacts are generally directly related to the pins and other needles. There is also the female contact, which is simple It means the plug spring and the like that we often talk about.

two. Material about car connectors

1. In the production and use of automotive connectors, some necessary materials will be exposed. One is our common copper, or it can be said to be red copper. The color is mainly red, which is a relatively precious metal. The nature of red copper is It is very soft, but has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and can be corrosion-resistant when in use, and it is very convenient to process.

2. Brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. There are 60% to 95% copper in this material. The elasticity is very good when used, and the conductivity is very good. Although it is not as good as red copper, it is still acceptable. A supply has very good characteristics and weldability is also very strong. The main reason is that the price of this kind of brass is not as expensive as red copper, and the overall appearance is yellow.

3. Tin phosphor bronze can be seen from the name of this material. This material is actually an alloy metal of copper and tin alloy. The first thing to say is that the elasticity of tin phosphor bronze is very good. The elasticity is between brass and beryllium bronze, but the conductivity of tin phosphor bronze is not so good, and there is still a certain gap compared with brass, but it is not sensitive to corrosion, and the price is more expensive than brass , At a difference of about 1.4 times, the color is the same as red copper.

4. Beryllium bronze, in terms of elasticity, beryllium bronze of these four materials is the best, and the performance of fatigue strength is also good. After use, it can be found that the performance of corrosion resistance and wear resistance is very good. Yes, compared with brass, the price is about five times that of brass, and the color is yellow.

There are also copper alloy, steel and nickel in the materials of automobile connectors. The conductivity of copper alloy is relatively similar to that of brass. The heat resistance is also very good, and the performance is also good in terms of mechanical properties. The weldability is very strong, and it is also corrosion-resistant, and the color is silver-white. The heat resistance of steel is the best, and it will perform well on temperature in use.