The development trend of new energy vehicle connectors

Time:2021/11/8Author:adminClick: 1289
With the support of national policies and the increasing demand for market recognition, the spread of new energy electric cars and the advent of the low-carbon economy era, vigorously developing new energy cars is the realization of my country’s energy security, environmental protection, and the leap-forward and sustainable development of my country’s car industry. Demand. New energy electric cars are facing unprecedented development opportunities, and the demand for connection devices for new energy electric cars will increase day by day.
The plastic shell high-voltage connector is one of the connector categories. It is made of nickel-plated copper and is a fast-replaceable new energy car connector.
The high-voltage connector of the plastic shell is customized by high-quality brass die-casting, and the exterior is made of ABS three-dimensional molding, which is strong in safety, reliable in insulation, precise in processing, and reliable in quality.